Farming Year

cherry blossom 1 for webWe work all year to nurture the trees and grow 6 different varieties to aid cross pollination of the blossom.

In Spring, we sample and test our soil and then apply the appropriate nutrients as fertiliser to give our trees the best start.  We also prune the trees to stimulate growth.

In mid April several varieties of bees are placed in the cherry orchard to aid fruit pollination during the blossom period.

We check the cherry trees regularly throughout the growing season for any signs of disease or pest activity.  Regular sampling of leaves takes place and foliar feed is applied as and when necessary to ensure a healthy tree.

We harvest our ripe cherries in July and August.  We measure the ripeness of our cherries by colour and the BRIX count which determines the sugar level and ultimately the sweetness and flavour of the ripe fruit.  Warm and sunny conditions are required to ripen our English cherries.

“The fresher the better and you can’t get fresher than cherries picked for you on the day to buy.”

Carole Taylor