Moorcourt Cherries

ripe cherries on trees (2) for webMoorcourt Farm is a family run mixed enterprise farm in rural Herefordshire.  The farm has been in the family since 1961 and has recently diversified into fruit production alongside arable crops and livestock.  The fruit enterprise, ‘Moorcourt Fruit’ is predominantly cider apples, cherries and a small area of blueberries.

We specialise in growing high quality cherries and supply supermarkets, wholesale and local farm shops and greengrocers aswell as farm sales.  With 20 acres of cherries grown under cover and over 10 years experience, we guarantee good quality, dark red cherries that are full of flavour which are harvested in July and August each year.  The cherry varieties we grow include Karina, Kordia, Regina, Lapin, Sweetheart and Skeena.


“Moorcourt cherries are, without doubt, the tastiest cherries I have ever tried. They are certainly ‘A’ star in every way – flavour, colour and freshness and I can’t wait for the cherry season to start again.”

Chris Bishop